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3,500,000 Ft

Investment 736ha land for tourism, aquaculture & agriculture in the Danube Delta, Romania, Europe.

Investment 736ha land for tourism, aquaculture & agriculture in the Danube Delta, Romania, Europe.

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  • Ingatlan ID: 6415A044AF2A5587
  • Ország: Románia
  • Megye: Külföld
  • Város, település: TULCEA
  • Irányítószám: 827015
  • Feladva: 2017.november.09 - 13:33
  • Lejárat: 108 nap, 7 óra

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We are looking for investors, partners or developer for a 736 ha (1.819 acres)of land located in the Danube Delta, Romania. We offer 10% commission if you recommend a buyer .
The investment it is in conservation status, the 736ha area is cessionated by the Municipality of Tulcea and immovable assets which are on the property we own .
On the surface of 736 ha can be developed unique activities and projects in Europe, the most profitable one is in tourism. Our proposal for the developer is building an all inclusive resort complex with floating houses and over 1,000 beds. From tourist project is expected a gain of over 10 million euro / year.
Along with tourist project or separately and intensively can develop projects related to aquaculture, fisheries and agriculture. Due to the quality of soil and climate the production can be very productive annual output leading to annual gains of over 5 million.
Our company has a concession on 45 years ( 2007-2052 ) for land area of ​​736 hectares ( 7.360.000.00 sq meters ) and fixed asset ownership contract representing hydraulic engineering such as dams with a width of 10-20 m and a length of 13 km, surround channels and surf fishing of various widths and the same length which in turn surrounds the reed platforms approximately 650 hectares.
For more details: http://danube-delta-investment.ro/ or at +40720 33 11 66


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